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Defeat dry skin this winter

Are your hands starting to crack and bleed from the cold winter wind and forced air home heating? Here's the problem you face, while Jack Frost is nipping at your nose, he's also drying out your skin. With a few of these tricks you can have healthier looking skin in no time.

Use a humidifier

Does your home use a forced air system for heating? If so, that is a key culprit in drying out your skin. In the summer, typical room humidity is generally around 50%. But in the winter, it is not uncommon for the relative humidity of your home to plummet to below 20%. One way to combat this is to use a humidifier or a system of humidifiers. Many folks report that humidifiers help them sleep better at night, combat allergies, and help them stave off cracking and bleeding skin.

Wear gloves while outside

Of course you wear a jacket and hat when you go outside, but what about gloves? Gloves help to protect your hands from the cold winter wind which not only saps your hands of their warmth, but also saps your skin of it's moisture. When the wind saps your skin of its essential oils, this often leads to painful chapped skin. Wearing gloves can help you stay out longer, prevent cracked and bleeding skin, and can even help stave off more serious consequences like frostbite.

After shower skin care

Many commercially available soaps sap your skin of natural oils and contribute to the development of cracked and bleeding skin. It's important to start your skin care routine right after you get out of the shower by replacing those oils. Many commercially available cremes and lotions contain alcohols and other ingredients which might make the problem worse, but North Country Bee Works beeswax lotion bars don't. The olive oil nourishes your skin, the shea nut butter hydrates and replaces natural oils your skin has lost, and finally the beeswax provides all-day protection. The secret to healthier looking skin in under a week...even if you've tried everything else

The secret is no longer a secret - North Country Bee Works beeswax lotion bars help to restore nutrients, hydrate, and provide a terrific layer of protection for your skin. This lotion bar is solid at room temperature, but softens and melts into your skin at body temperature.

  • Olive oil nourishes your skin cell which means that healthy-looking glow is restored

  • Shea nut butter hydrates your skin cells which means cracked and bleeding skin is reduced

  • Beeswax locks in the protection to keep your hands looking and feeling their best on even the coldest day

  • Solid at room temperature which means these bars go with you where ever you go (yes, even on airplanes)

These bars normally retail for $15 + shipping, but our Winter Sale is still going on and you can enjoy 15% off. Plus you get free shipping and a free gift. That's $12.75 shipped - and you get a free gift! Save even more with a subscription.

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