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Our Bees

Ethically raised

North Country Bee Works was founded in 2019 with the simple goal of hand-raising the best tasting honey we could at our family apiary along the North Country Trail.  With that comes a focus - some would say an obsession - on treating our bees right.  Our bees are free to forage as they see fit.  We treat them from time-to-time to make sure that they are happy and healthy.  Unlike other apiaries, we use only all natural treatments.  You won't find any ethylene glycol (antifreeze) or other noxious chemicals added to our hives.  And since it isn't added to our hives, it won't adulterate your honey.

Raw.  Natural.  Local.

We think that bees raised right know what they are doing.  We don't add any flavoring (natural or artificial) to our honey.  We don't heat it.  We don't chemically alter it in any way.  In short, when you buy honey from North Country Bee Works, you are buying honey.  Not some "honey product" that is mostly artificial sweeteners and "microfermented" chemical additives.  Our honey is raw, natural, and local.  Heck, if you're ever in the North Country and want to meet the bees that made your honey, feel free to give us an email.  We'd be happy to meet you.

Beekeeper at Work
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