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Does your regular soap leave you skin dry and itchy? Switch to our all-natural oatmeal and honey soap. Made with 100% all natural honey and oatmeal, this soap is guaranteed to restore that healthy glow after just one use (even if other products have let you down).

  • Made with 100% real honey from either our hives or those of a trusted partner. Honey adds a moisturizing richness, ensuring a noticeable glow after every wash.
  • All natural steel-cut oatmeal provides gentle exfoliation and promotes a smooth skin texture. Eliminates rought patches.
  • Sustainably-sourced Palm Oil helps build a creamy, rejuvenating lather like no other.
  • Like all of our products, this cold-process soap is hand-poured in Pennsylvania - no long waits or shipping times.
  • Every purchase helps support local ethical apiculture and regenerative practices.

Choose our signature Honey Oatmeal Soap and step into a naturally enriching bath experience. Available in our classic formulation, perfect for all skin types.

Oatmeal & Honey Soap 1-pack

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