Hi folks - if you've read our popular report "11 Seeds You Can Plant Today to Feed the Bees," you know that we've put in a lot of painstaking time and effort to research the best plants that will have the biggest impact on not only honeybees - but all pollinators. Now, you can get all 11 seeds in our original report, plus 6 bonus seeds, in a convenient package. That's right - 17 different plant varieties in a single packet of wildflower seeds.And the best part is - we're giving it away. It's free. Just pay $1.50 shipping and handling.


Seeds include eastern purple coneflower, Douglas' meadowfoam, Hartweg's bluebonnet, wild bergamot, crimson clover, and many many more!


Limited to two per customer.

Orders placed between August 10 and August 20 will ship on August 22. Thank you for your patience!

Free Wildflower Seed Packet

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