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We are our own supply chain. Save 30% on lotion bars that aren't stuck on a ship.

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

The news is out - as the supply chain crisis worsens, big box stores took orders they couldn't fill. Unfortunately, many of us who thought we got a good deal on Black Friday or Cyber Monday instead woke up to a cold shoulder and no accountability.

You can rest easy!

  • North Country Bee Works is its own supply chain for all of the products we sell and many of the materials we use

  • We don't have to worry about the supply chain which means you don't have to worry about the supply chain

  • While the big box stores are refunding orders and dealing with a colossal shipping nightmare, we have filled every order we received since Thanksgiving

  • Unlike the big boxes, we don't take orders we can't fill - if it says "in stock" it is actually in stock and can be in your mailbox in just a few days

  • We never lure you in with a teaser rate and then pretend we don't know what you're talking about when you try to have that price honored

To welcome newcomers stung by the big companies, and reward loyal customers, the "What Supply Chain Crisis?" sale will run all week long. From now until December 6 you can save 30% on orders of $29 or more (a lotion bar for you and a friend for only $21!). Plus - any order over $19 ships free!

Save 30% with coupon code Supply Chain

As always - the lotion bar that restores healthier-looking skin in less than a week (even if you've tried everything else) is hand-poured in Ellwood City, PA so not only do you know it will be in your mailbox in a few days, you can also take pride in knowing you supported local apiculture.

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