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North Country Bee Works

Honey, hand-raised along the iconic North Country Trail

Honey Jars

Meet the bees

Raw.  Natural.  Local.

Since 2019 we have been hand-crafting small-batch honey and hive products from hives along the iconic North Country Trail.  Our bees work hard to bring nature to you.

Swarm of Bees
Beekeeper with Honeycomb

Everything We Offer




Welcome to North Country Bee Works.  We have been hand-raising the best honey the North Country has to offer and hand-crafting some of the finest beehive related goods (lotion bars, candles, etc) since 2019.  We have a focus - some call it obsession - with the ethical treatment of our bees.  You won't find any "microfermentations", noxious chemicals, or flavorings added to our honey.  Raw.  Natural.  Local.  Just like the bees make it.

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